10 Ellis st
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Greatest. Pedicure. Ever.

I work nearby and have walked past this place no less than twice a day, three times per week. Multiple that by seven months -- I've seen the exterior of this place plenty of times. Bought the groupon for a $25 mani and pedi after hearing how awesome the pedi is.

The place is immaculate. It is comfortable and relaxing. They have plenty of nail polish to choose from.


Fantagio Spa staff tries our best to give an effective service to all our customers. However,no organization is perfect. If things go wrong or you are unhappy, please let us know so we can fix the problem for the future. We also like to know when things have gone well! If you'd like to thank a specific technician or if you want to leave a compliment on our spa services, email us!

We are always happy to hear feedback from our customers.
Jessica Uem
Director of Marketing and Business Development
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Email: fantagiospaandbody@gmail.com

Please contact the spa directly at 856-354-5000 for appointments.

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10 Ellis st
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

856. 354. 5000