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SERVICE - Massage

Accupressure Massage 60 min. $95/ 90 min. $130
Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique based on principles of acupuncture, and involves the use of deep finger pressure on specific points along the body. Acupressure stimulates these points to remove blockages to increase the energy flow, to reduce stress, and to promote health and harmony in the body. It can help alleviate such as tension, stress, aches and pains.

Meridian Massage 60 min. $105/ 90 min. $130
Meridian Massage 60 min. $90/ 90 min. $125his therapeutic and corrective massage technique uses strong pressure methods to target the different layers of the muscle tissue. Recommended for those with chronic muscle tension due to stress or strenuous activities.

Swedish Massage 60 min. $80/ 90 min. $120
Perhaps the most known massage in the western world, the Swedish massage uses rhythemic strokes and to jump start the circulation for a soothing relaxation.

Hot Stone Therapy 60 min. $95
Using the energy of polished river stones, this massage targets both inner and outer pain discomfort. The hot stones are used to ease the body of any discomfort and for a deeply satisfying relaxation.

Reflexology 30 min. $45 / 60 min. $80
This ancient Chinese techniques uses the pressure-point massage on the feet to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

Pregnancy Massage 60 min. $90 / 90 min. $125
Specialized to reduce pregnancy discomfort, enhancing the physiological and emotional well beings of both the mother and the baby. A must for all mom-to-be in their second and the third trimester.

Couples Massage 60 min. $150 / 90 min. $200
Offered for two people in a two-bed massage room for privacy, enjoy a Swedish massage. Couples, mother/daughter, friends, sisters and others can experience this doubly satisfying massage.

Aromatherapy Massage 60 min. $90 / 90 min. $125
Concentrated essesential oil of lavender, rose, orange blossom, sprices and exotic woods calm and unwind the body and mind. Experience this soothing and deeplytherapeutic massage to titilate the senses.

Shiatsu Scalp Massage 30 min. $45
NJ 7% Tax